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1. We are an open and affirming church of believers that Jesus is the Christ and the son of the Living God.

2. We are an open and affirming church of mission opportunities and will pursue mission work, locally, throughout the state, throughout the county and abroad to locations needing assistance.  We will support our recognized missions through the regional and national office of Disciples of Christ and pursue mission opportunities that become available to us through our own congregation and membership


3. We are an open and affirming church of all youth activities and ages of youth that desire to learn more about the teachings of Jesus Christ and partake in the activities fostered around a whole worldview of the Good News and sharing our beliefs and core values with our youth.  All youth are welcome, whether members or not.  All of our staff, elders and members are available at anytime to listen and talk with our youth, meet with our youth and assist them in learning life’s lessons.  We are committed to pursuing more youthful centered opportunities for worship and celebration for our youth and membership.  We will provide all types of spiritual, musical, engaging and thought provoking activities for our youth, year round with full time youth ministerial support.


4. We are an open and affirming church of worship opportunities for our existing membership and will pursue different styles and new resources for our continued growth of ways to spiritually feed our membership and visitors.  We will provide fellowship opportunities before, during or after our worship times so that we may engage with one another in a way that keeps us connected in each other’s lives.  We will determine the future of our worship time, location and service with prayerfulness, listening for God’s word and keeping with our own traditions as well as creating new ones.

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