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Shelbyville First Christian Church offers a variety   of Bible study options for all ages and interests.

Sunday School Classes

There are Sunday School classes for all ages 4 - 114.  There is a nursery for newborns through age 3.

Early Elementary

All children ages 4 through 2nd grade are welcome to join the Early Elementary class.  The curriculum includes a Bible story and related crafts and activities for the story.


All children in grades 3 through 5 are welcome in the Elementary class to learn more about the Bible and Jesus.

Middle School

All students in grades 6-8 are welcome in the Middle School class as they study the word of God and explore how it applies to their life.

High School

All students in grades 9-12 are welcome in the High School class to learn, discuss and discover how God's word applies to them in the world today.

Believer's View Class

The Believer's View is a women's class that studies various topics related to the Christian life and spirituality. 

Keystone Class

The Keystone Class meets in the chapel and welcomes all adults to join them.  They use the Present Word curriculum for their study.

New Life Class

The New Life Class is a women's class focusing on Bible study.

Young Adults

The Young Adults class is one for all ages of adults and covers a wide variety of topics.  It is generally led by FCC's minister, Dave Charlton.


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